Sunday, April 17, 2011

Thank you Jesus

Tonight we were coming home from dinner and the moon was just stunning. It was a full moon tonight and as we drove toward our house, it was peeking over the mountain. I kept pointing it out to Austin (Kristen was with her daddy in another car and Logan was not sure where to look) and he got so excited about how big, and pretty it was. I was in such awe that I kept saying, "It's so beautiful, look at it Austin, it's just beautiful!". He would repeat me and say, "It is SO beautiful." After a few moments I heard him say, "Thank you Jesus".

I smiled ear to ear and thanked Jesus too.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

What's happening...

I can't believe Logan is 18 months old. It's just too fast. He really loves life which is so fun to watch. Here is what he is saying at 18 months:

Thank you (his first words)-tank you
love you- wuv you
Yo Gabba Gabba- gabba
bye bye
kristen- ti ti
book (with the "K" really enforced)
austin- ah e
uh oh
i got it
let's go
chocolate- chocat
Batman (plus theme song)- baman
Spiderman- pierman
football- bopball
basketball- baketball
bird- bee
paci- boppy

He is really into cars and trucks and driving them around. He has started to have some interest in watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He loves to hit and throw things no matter what it is. If he hits you he will give you a hug when you cry. Logan likes superheroes, like Batman, Spiderman, and Superman. He loves to dance, especially to Journey. He eats lots of foods and just recently has started to enjoy salad. When he wants your attention he will come and hit your leg, walk away, look back to make sure you are following him. If you aren't, he comes back and gives you two hits/slaps in the leg. He loves sports..especially the ones with balls. He will watch sports on TV, mostly basketball and football. He is hilarious and loves to make others laugh, especially when we are eating dinner. Good times, all the time with Logan.

Austin is a curious little bug, who's mind just doesn't stop, ever. The questions flow from his mouth all day. I love this about him. Once he asked why bugs are smaller than birds. He's smart. We like that here. He loves learning about the human body and space stuff. He really enjoys TV, too much, and playing on the computer. He loves school and loves his sweet little friend Eden. He tells me he misses her often, especially when it's a non-school day. Austin likes to whine, we try and stop it. Some days we are successful, some days we are not. Austin likes to do gymnastics and is really getting better at swimming. We are super proud of him.

Kristen is enjoying Kindergarten. She loves math, and pink pages at school, which are reading comprehension and writing pages. She has become quite the journaler recently. She will write pages when given a good topic. I love this about her. She is reading and doing exceptionally well. Her comprehension impresses me also. She's a smart cookie too..we like that. She is also doing gymnastics which she lives for and tries to do more "tricks" at home. (always wants to show off an handstand or two) She is in Girl Scouts as a Daisy and enjoying making new friends. Her dedication to school work is incredible. She gets to school sits down and does her work without being asked multiple times. I love this. She also likes to roll her eyes at me and give me a little attitude here and there. When she goes to her room she stomps her feet and sometimes slams the door (this is not allowed). We are trying to work through being frustrated and how to deal with it properly. We love our K-girl.

Life is good. Just doing the normal daily doings. I would like to be doing other crazy things on some days, like sitting by the beach, or pool. Soon those things will happen. I am enjoying the day to day stuff, most days. I love the kids excitement about's contagious, especially on days when I am beat. I also like coffee when I am beat or a diet pepsi. They seem to do the trick.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Kindergarten Crush

Yesterday we were getting in the car after dinner and Kristen says to me, "Mommy I want to marry the boy in the orange group!!" I very calmly (aaaahhhh!!!!) tried to figure out what child she was talking about and what was the orange group. I finally realized she was talking about a boy in her group at the harvest party at her school. I asked her why she wanted to marry him and she said, "Because he is just so HANDSOME!!!!!". Oh no! Is what I thought she is five and already is catching on! Oh the innocence! I asked her what his name was and she wasn't sure, so I very gently told her to find out his name and let me know. Love that she told me this and love that it was completely random and out of no where!!

Homecoming 2010

Well it's sad to see it has been a year since I wrote on here last. The craziest part is we have a 1 year maybe it makes sense. Anyway.

I needed to write a few things down here! This past Friday night we went to the Homecoming game at Linfield. You see a few days before Kristen came home from school and said that a queen and king were coming to her school. She was so excited and I just couldn't figure out what queen and king she was talking about and then it hit me! The Homecoming queen and king were coming. Kristen was beyond excited to see the queen. So she drew her a beautiful picture to give to her after she was announced queen.

At the game we were just waiting for half-time so that we could see who the beautiful queen would be. We had already seen a few of the princesses and had taken pictures with them. So finally there we were at half-time and all the floats go by and then the princesses. Kristen was just in awe. The princesses made it out to the middle of the field and then they announced that the Homecoming queen was Karissa. As soon as it was announced who the queen was, Kristen ran as fast as she could to get her pictures and then took off like a bullet to the end of the field where the other princesses were coming off the field. She gave one picture to a princess and then I finally caught up to her and she looked at me worried and said, " Mommy I don't know which one she is!" I reassured her that the Queen was still on the field and it would be a few minutes before she came off the field. We waited patiently for the Queen and she finally made it off the field. Kristen went up to her with a huge smile on her face and handed her the envelope (which was a bill envelope with the see thru panel). Queen Karissa turned to her and was just as excited as Kristen. It was the sweetest thing. They hugged the Queen thanked Kristen so much and Kristen was just grinning ear to ear. It made Kristen's night! The best part was that Queen Karissa carried the envelope with Kristen' s beautiful picture in it around with her all night.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A broken heart

Today when I dropped Kristen off at school her heart was terribly broken. Here's why. She went up to her friend, Finn and told him that she had brought her baby (Logan) today and she wanted him to come and see. Well Finn, being a boy, wasn't really interested and said something that deeply hurt little Kristen' s heart. I am not sure what he said, but it got her good enough to send her into an outburst of tears.

My heart was broken right along with hers. I comforted her, held her tight and let her know that Finn didn't mean to hurt her feelings, he was super busy playing a game and maybe he didn't even know what she was talking about. Who knows, maybe he thought it was a doll baby, not the real deal. I left her at school, and before I walked out I gave her a big hug and said, "Keep your head high, and smile a lot." (These words were spoken to me many, many times by my mom) Kristen smiled and sat down with some other friends.

I was so proud of Kristen and the way that she picked herself up and went on with her day. I was moved by her deep love for Logan and it was so apparent that she was proud to be his BIG sister. I was even more moved when tonight we were praying and Kristen prayed specifically for Finn and that he would be a little nicer to her. Obviously Finn is a special friend to Kristen.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

1 CM

As of last Thursday I was still 1cm and 30-50% effaced. Come on Logan..we are so excited to see you! Don't you wanna come out yet!!??

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Preschool for my Baby

Last Friday Paul and I went to enroll Austin in preschool. I am excited about this but also very edgy about it considering right now I feel like he is my baby. He is beyond excited to go to school on Monday. When we took him to see his school he said, before we were inside, "This is my school! This is my school!". It made my heart pump fast to think that he really wants to go to school and I kinda wanna keep him home a little more. I guess this is a part of letting go a little at a time. I can't wait to see how thrilled he is on Monday when we take him there for his first day. We drove by the school yesterday and Austin said, "There's my school Mommy, there it is!!!" He is so proud. I love that little guy so much.

Sunday, September 06, 2009


Today we went to the Wild Animal Park to have some good family time. The best thing was that we had an AWESOME day! Our kids got along, they didn't argue, fight with each other, cry, etc. It was truly blissful. We had a lot of fun at Dino Mountain seeing all the dinosaurs. They were super neat and Kristen and Austin really enjoyed watching them and collecting the stamps for each one. After that we went on to see the Condors, which was amazing. They were up close and spreading their wings (9ft. wingspan). Then we went on to the Elephants then the tram ride and off to lunch. It was such a wonderful day!